To change, or not to change your job?

A few days ago I was talking to a friend and she was complaining about the frustrations of her job saying things like ‘I’m doing more hours than ever,’ ‘I just don’t have any time for myself,’ ‘What my boss doesn’t seem to understand is that I’ve got a life too,’ and so on…which ended dramatically when she blurted out ‘I just don’t get chance to do the things I want to do. It’s taking over my life. I hate my job.’

I believe most of us feel these frustrations with our jobs at some point in our lives. For some these feelings pervade our working lives more acutely than for others. These feelings usually stem from a disconnection between the things we value and the things we have chosen to fill our life – in this case, my friend’s job that is filling up her life to the point of deep discontent.

She works regular 8-hour days, Monday-Friday in an open-plan office with around 400 people (currently working from home due to Covid-19 measures) but she says she would love to work in a place where you can move around more, that would include some travelling locally, and do a client facing job rather than be stuck with the same colleagues day in day out, half of them whom she doesn’t like. She believes this change would make her happier with her life and definitely lead to more job satisfaction.

However, this kind of client facing job, involving travel, would likely not solve the issue of long hours or not having time for herself. It might even mean giving up a regular salary. If she were to actually change her job, she would have to work out what her priorities really are. Is it more important for her to free up time for herself outside working hours or to travel to meet clients? Would it be feasible for her to change job/career? Which jobs would give her these new opportunities? Do those jobs exist in her local area? Could she afford to retrain if it were necessary? Would she be willing to give up a well-paid job for less money or an irregular income? If not, how could she actively create more satisfaction in her current position? What trade-off is she really willing to accept?

If she is ready to tackle these questions, it would be useful for her to work with a coach who can support her in understanding what her priorities are, what concessions she might have to make and ultimately how she can create a life that makes her feel fulfilled and happy.

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