Freshers week 2017

Group dynamics

Understanding how the individuals in your team work together, gives you and them the ability to be comfortable with who they are but at the same time be able to perform effectively with others who have differing styles to you.

Intercultural team dynamics

Minimising misunderstandings is crucial when dealing with intercultural teams. Understanding what each team member’s preferred communication style is means that you can work efficiently and proficiently with in face-to-face and virtual environments.

Leadership development

Effective leadership can be achieved by training leaders in behavioural awareness, . This includes leaders working to their own strengths and to the strengths of the individual members of their team. This means more understanding what motivates others and vastly improving communication.

Sales training

Personality and communication are key when building a professional relationship with a client. By being able to understand your own natural selling style and predicting the preferred style of your client, will improve your communication and the transfer of information to better meet your client’s needs and maximize results for both you and them.

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