Sales Training

DISC sales style report

Help your sales team understand their natural selling style and how they can better adapt to meet the needs of their customers with the Sales Style report. Whether you’re dealing with a team of sales veterans or the just starting out, you can provide the tools and strategies to help them communicate, build trust, persuade and ultimately complete more sales, move more products or sell more services.


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Your Sales Style report provides valuable information on the following:

  • Natural selling style
  • Selling strengths and Limitations
  • Communication style of yourself and others
  • The buying needs of every style
  • How to adapt to meet the buying needs of others
  • Selling Tips – DO’s and DON’Ts
  • Action Plan – to improve sales

The Sales Style report provides information about your preferred selling style. This information allows you to intentionally adjust your selling style to gain more effective rapport faster to achieve better communication and increased trust, all of which lead to more sales. This report is perfect for sales teams, managers, customer service personnel, in fact anywhere that communication with potential clients and customers matters.