My philosophy

My philosophy is for people to enjoy successful, fulfilling careers and live healthy, enriched lives where they are able to make well-considered decisions more confidently, effectively manage their daily stress levels, maintain a continuous healthy living programme, work easily with others, grow and nurture personal and professional relationships and accomplish the skill of combining their own personal interests and passions with the day to day.

My brush with breast cancer back in 2014 gave me the opportunity to look back on my life and join the dots to see what decisions and experiences had led me to the present moment. I had the chance to take important decisions about the kind of future I wanted, setting new goals and designing a new life that included reshaping the direction of my career, building new professional relationships, finding out who my real friends were, meeting new people, creating sustainable, healthy habits, meeting a new partner and moving to a place that better suited my new lifestyle.

I am able to live my life by seeing work as part of my life that blends smoothly with the social me, family me, romantic me, expat me, academic me, city me, countryside me and, all round me.

The Stellar Coaching Programmes and training workshops I offer are a career development service for people who want to have the competitive edge in today’s business world but also want to create a life that blends successfully with everything else that is integral to them.

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