Intercultural Awareness Training

We equip companies for global success with a series of customised intercultural training programmes & workshops


Your training will:


  • Prepare your workforce at every level of your organisation to perform effectively across geographic, linguistic, and cultural divides.


  • Equip your workforce with key intercultural communication skills that will allow them to achieve their objectives faster and more successfully.


  • Allow your workforce to recognise and manage cultural differences.


  • Help your workforce identify the role of culture in a conflict situation and manage any cross-cultural conflicts effectively in what is today an increasingly complex global environment.



Customised training programmes & workshop features


We assist our clients to leverage the strengths of a globally diverse workforce and multicultural teams.


As well as language skills, an additional layer of opportunities around contextual communication skills, managing diversity and inclusion, and leadership skills must be addressed.


Our training programmes & workshops offer solutions to issues such as
  • Relocation, adjusting to new (work) environments
  • Working as a part of a virtual team
  • Multicultural/multinational workforce management
  • Cross-cultural conflict management and negotiation across culture