What is coaching?

Coaching is a type of guided conversation. It is a way of helping you set realistic goals for yourself and helping you to move towards those goals at a regular pace. It is about you finding solutions to your own stumbling blocks. It is a scientific approach to questioning and listening that will allow you to achieve your goals while creating a mature attitude and approach to life. You will develop the tools to be able to make your own informed decisions while taking responsibility for those choices. The coach will not make suggestions and recommendations for you. At the heart of coaching philosophy is the belief that we are the architects of our own lives.

Isn’t it the same as counselling?

No, coaching and counselling are different disciplines. Counselling is suitable for those who have emotional problems perhaps triggered by a bereavement, relationship difficulties, illness or addiction.

How long do coaching sessions usually last?

Sessions are usually 30 or 60 minutes long. The amount of time depends on your own preferences and what you decide after our initial consultation. However, whatever you decide is never set in stone. You can change at any time. For example, if you buy a package of 6 sessions you can use them as 60 or 30 minute sessions. If you are combining coaching sessions with lessons I might also suggest that you combine a lesson with coaching session to keep you on track. That kind of package works really well.

Can I combine coaching with lessons?

Of course! Combining coaching sessions with lessons is great when you have assignments to write, if you want to improve your grammar, have presentations to prepare and academic skills that you would like to develop such as effective note-taking from readings or lectures or improving your listening skills for effective note-taking during lectures & seminars. At our initial consultation I will ask you what specifically you need lessons for and I will then provide you with a proposal.


Are the coaching sessions confidential?

Yes, completely confidential. I comply with the Coaching Code of Conduct and will provide you with a copy before our first coaching session.


How do I know if coaching is really for me?

If you recognised yourself in any of these statements from my Homepage then coaching can work for you:

  • Who hasn’t ever experienced frustration during the writing process?
  • Who doesn’t feel that they sometimes don’t even know where to start?
  • When do you even manage to find the time?
  • Hands up if you procrastinate!
  • Are your note-taking techniques up to scratch?
  • Who hasn’t ever struggled to get their assignments in?
  • Who feels that the feedback they’re getting is not clear?
  • Who feels that they don’t have a clue what steps to take to do better next time?
  • Are you starting to lack confidence in your own abilities?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are you putting too much pressure on yourself?
  • Are you juggling work with studies? Work/family & studies?
  • Are you a student studying in a foreign country? Are you going through culture shock too?

However, when you sign up for coaching sessions you are also saying to yourself that you are ready to make positive, constructive changes in your life that will move you closer to your goals. So, coaching is for people who are willing to take responsibility for their own lives. It is not for people who expect the coach to provide them with will all the answers to their own difficulties. That comes from within you.

Do you do Skype sessions?

Yes. Most of my coaching is done via Skype.


What do I need to do to prepare for a coaching session?

If it’s a Skype session make sure that your computer is switched on at least 15 minutes before the session starts. Sit in a place where you will not be disturbed or interrupted for the duration of the session. Place all devices such as tablets & mobiles out of reach. Prepare yourself a glass of water, have your diary to hand, get something to write with and paper to write on. I suggest paper over electronic devices simply because there is no risk of being distracted by a piece of paper!