DISC personality system reports

Your Personality Style report uses PeopleKeys to deliver behavioural assessments through my online account. Your reports are based on the DISC system of behavioural analysis which will provide you with a common language throughout your organization and will lay the foundation for improving communication, maximizing personal strengths and minimizing possible challenge areas.

Your Personality Style report allows your team to discover lots of information about themselves and their colleagues: Their individual communication preferences, how they prefer to approach tasks, how they might respond to stress: and factors that maximize motivation or discourage it.

Managers use this report to enhance communication, strengthen relationships, improve workplace dynamics and build stronger, more productive teams.

Your Personality Style report includes the following sections:

  • Introduction – to your personality report  
  • General Description – understanding your personality style
  • DISC Graphs – based on results
  • Style Intensity Overview – behavioral tendencies
  • Historical Figures – who share your style
  • Description Overview – includes strengths and limitations
  • Communication Tips – DO’s and DONT’S
  • Action Plan – to improve interpersonal skills