Design your Life

6 coaching sessions to sort out your studies, work & life

My ‘Design Your Life’ coaching program gets your ready for the future.

I will help you:

  • create a clear idea for your future
  • look at the various alternatives
  • see how your past experience can help you work out your future
  • plan how you are going to reach your goals 
  • set step by step targets for how to get there
  • support you in working towards your goals

Do you recognise yourself in any of these profiles?

  1. Are you a university graduate and are not sure which career path to take?
  2. Have you just finished your studies and are unclear about your future?
  3. Have you started work and would like to create a well defined plan for your future life?

I will ask the right questions, listen to you and provide you with exercises so you can create a well thought out life path tailor made for you.