Academic Success Coaching

Watch my presentation about why coaching & mentoring give university students value for money

Coaching is about setting goals for yourself and then moving towards them one step at a time. It is about being realistic about your own circumstances, taking responsibility for your own choices and understanding what it is that you really want from your life.

It is an uplifting and energising experience that will help you to get more satisfaction and learning out of the academic experience. So, you will not only be learning more about the subject you are studying but also about yourself - your own values and beliefs and the things that you do that are getting in the way and preventing you from being the success you can be.

I have worked with hundreds of university students from around the world and know that you do better than you could ever have imagined when you are open to being coached as well as taught. Simply put, you will produce much higher quality work.



About me

I've worked as a teacher for over 20 years but it seems just like yesterday when I started my teaching career. I started out teaching exam preparation courses in Greece and then moved into teaching Business English for some years in Hungary & Italy. Then in 2003 I began working with university students. I have worked at universities in the UK, Italy & China teaching academic strategies and language courses for international business communication, tourism and literature students.  I have qualified teacher status with a Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA), a Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and a Personal Performance Coaching Diploma.

Lara Statham

Academic Success Coach