Lara Statham

I have training experience in corporations since 1997 and became a qualified personal performance coach in 2016. I am also a qualified DISC practitioner. I have over 20 years’ experience as an expatriate in Italy, China, Hungary, Greece, Jordan and Egypt. As a result of my overseas experience I have developed an intrinsic awareness of what it means to work outside my native country. This includes a deep knowledge of the practical issues for expats concerning global mobility, and the subtler issues surrounding effective team-working for leaders and their workforce such as integration and language. I have worked in organisations within the fields of automotive engineering, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, finance, media, law, architecture & design, fashion, publishing, education & public health.

I am a DELTA qualified teacher for adults with a Masters in Teaching English to Speaker’s of Other Languages (ESOL). I believe my teaching qualifications and experience provide me with a broad range of pedagogical skills that many trainers can lack. I build strong rapport with trainees and have a deep sensitivity to others and their needs. I have developed a high level of adaptability as a result of working with hundreds of people of different nationalities and ages in the private and public sector. Much of my experience has been working on high stakes projects where the result has life changing consequences for the trainees.

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