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8 Things to do in Fresher’s Week 2017

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Make each Freshers’ week 2017 moment count with my 8 top tips for super smooth Freshers’ week success:


1.Get out there and make as many friends as possible both in halls and on your course. Locate potential buddies in lectures theatres, seminar rooms, hanging out around your department, at the Freshers’ Fair and lounging on the Students’ Union sofas.

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2. Get cracking on reading the material on that book list. Fresher’s week fun is clearly top priority on most students’ intro to uni check list but wild nights aside you will be hitting the ground running when it comes to that first class so best be prepared in advance.


3. At the Freshers’ Fair sign up for as many clubs/societies as you can and ‘follow’ any others that take your fancy too in case you can squeeze in time to join that wakeboarding society…and if you change your mind about bonding with other like-minders at that Harry Potter Appreciation Society.


4. Stock up on paracetamol, bacon for greasy mid-morning butties and doggie bag your left over pizza and if you’re planning to party hard. Or go natural and healthy and make sure you keep hydrated with water throughout the week, sip green tea or orange juice and tuck into plates of scrambled eggs on toast.


freshers week 2017

5. Check out the lay of the land to familiarise yourself with what’s where and when. Yes, you do need to locate the student bar but you will also need to familiarise yourself with where your department lurks, where the lectures and seminars will take place, what amenities there are, where the sports facilities are to be found…


Freshers week 2017

6. Locate the nearest discount supermarkets in town. You’ll be a frequent shopper here for the foreseeable future so you need to know where to get the best croissants, muffins, cakes, beverages, veggies and fruits. Plus discount supermarkets are also rather good for yoghurt, cheese, gluten free products, household cleaning materials, tin foil, cling film and plastic bags of varying sizes.


7. Familiarise yourself with the place you’re living in too. Find out where the cinemas are, local library, art galleries, bookshops, best bars and cafes and dance destinations. Check out where the local chippy is too for when the late night munchies come on and what time the last night bus leaves to get back on campus.


freshers week 2017


8. Phone home. Your parents will probably be crying into their pillows every night for the next 6 months at the fact that you’ve flown the nest for good. Or perhaps not! But whatever it is, be decent a give them a call at least once during Freshers’ week to let them know how things are going.




If you’ve followed all that, then I’m impressed! You’ll be hard pressed to fit much more than that into a week. One more tip though…whatever happens and whatever you do enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You’ve worked hard to get into uni so take full advantage and love every moment.

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