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Stellar Programs

My Stellar Programs takes you through each step of your career progression from deciding what kind of career you want and updating your current skills to reaching the successes you desire in your chosen career field.

DISC Personality Profiling

I provide a DISC personality profiling system service for both individuals and organisations. This is for people wanting to develop their careers, discover what their strengths and challenge areas are and how they can successfully communicate with different personality types .

Soft skills workshops

I deliver half day and full day workshops in intercultural awareness (Italy-UK expert) and team-building.

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My philosophy

My philosophy is for people to enjoy successful, fulfilling careers and live healthy, enriched lives where they are able to make well-considered decisions more confidently, effectively manage their daily stress levels, maintain a continuous healthy living program, work easily with others, grow and nurture personal and professional relationships and accomplish the skill of combining their own personal interests and passions with the day to day.



“My coaching sessions with Lara helped me discover tools I didn’t realize I had, to rise up to the challenge, while she gently introduced me to new ones. The idea, she kept subtly reinforcing, was to let your so-called limitations challenge you, rather than define you. Every insecurity, she reminded, stemmed from a person’s urge to improve, to be better; It proved that you were open to change, which was (I later realized) what the EIA journey had been about all along.”
Deeksha Singh
Student entrepreneur




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